Video Marketing in 2021

Video Marketing in 2021

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Feb 16, 2021

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People are watching videos on their smartphones and tablets every day, and YouTube is the world’s second most popular search engine website, right after Google.

With this in mind, video marketing can be a great way to engage an audience and stand out from the crowd.

Video Marketing

Video Content

Video can be an incredibly efficient way to get your message in front of your customer.

It is often recommended that businesses have a video presence on both Facebook and Instagram in order to generate the most organic reach on both platforms.

With the existence of Reels and Video Stories, Video became the most effective way to drive high engagement rates, as well as greater management of a brand’s online reputation.

Ads using video evidently show better performance than static images and carousels.

According to an Instagram representative, the algorithm rewards consistency and variety of content. In other words, running across multiple ad placements simultaneously can work in your favor.

This also means testing different platform-specific videos on your ads.

A performance marketing campaign should be planned with metrics and analytics at the forefront.

When you have a clear picture of what you’re trying to achieve, it’s easier to test out ideas that you might otherwise overlook.

Pre-production planning will help streamline the creative process and ensure that the performances are in line with your company goals.

You can also use post-production techniques to improve the effectiveness of your creative executions.

Powerful UGC Approach

Powerful UGC Approach

We all agree that social media is a place to connect and have fun. Audiences prefer to interact with REAL people than talking to a hard-selling brand.

That’s the same reason why personal brands always have an advantage. When it comes to social proof, your customers’ stories are still the best tools a business could have.

As people expect storytelling and entertainment, User Generated Contents (UGC) truly shows good results since people are most likely to get attached to the brands and can also affect their decision-making.

And with the new updates, there is a lot of creative spins you can do while having fun.

A “regular” UGC just focuses on the product and how it use but if you want to level up your UGC approach, start having genuine reviews that show experiences, stories, how it feels like, or how life-changing the product is.

You can use Instagram Reels and video stories to deliver it creatively and spread it using Video Ads to increase the audience it can reach.

Use Actual Customer

Use Actual Customer

People will share authentic experiences or their opinions on your products and services when they feel as though they are telling the truth and being themselves.

Authenticity is still important, but so is production quality. The best way to entice your audience to share their experiences with your brand is to capture them in compelling, professional videos.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to spend a larger budget on production or hire additional creative staff.

Instead, focus on telling your customer testimonial right. Use footage of real customers and get a talented director involved in the process.

This will elevate the customer testimonial and hit the tone and style that works for your brand or product perfectly.

Funnel strategy

The new iOS 14’s data policy forced Facebook to restrict the amount and type of information they can collect about users. For advertisers, this means that the granularity of the targeting you’re used to will soon be disappearing. Read about how iOS 14 will affect your advertising here.

Your content will now need to touch on a wider range of themes and messages. The upper-funnel is what drives purchase for brands, so you’ll need to be much more strategic about how you relate with your customers.

Keep in mind that those on the upper-funnel are strangers and will meet your brand for the first time so make your content thumb-stopping and direct to the point. But make sure it is also relevant to your middle and bottom-funnel.

You may also use Facebook Ads to help you reach the right funnel. You can learn more about the Ultimate Guide in creating high converting Facebook Ads Funnel.

Be sure to look at your social media channels and truly evaluate goals and objectives for each channel.

Crank up the brand voice and script messaging as your creative needs to really resonate with audiences.

With the highly competitive landscape of Instagram and Facebook, you’ll need to think boldly when it comes to your creatives (photos, videos, etc.) to break through the noise and make a mark.

Creating motion graphics is one of the best ways to create visually dynamic, mesmerizing content.

Shoppable Contents

If you are selling products, you can turn your Facebook and Instagram into shoppable accounts.

Change your profile into Business Account but make sure to ‘link’ your Facebook page first so you can integrate your products on your Instagram Shop.

By having a shoppable account, you can tag your products on your posts, videos and story, your customer can buy your products directly on your FB and IG shop, and get important insights such as product views and clicks.

For more tips, social media hacks, branding and presence optimization strategies, you may check out my Instagram at @presenceoptimization.



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