10 Alternatives to TikTok

10 Alternatives to TikTok

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Apr 22, 2023

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10 Alternatives to TikTok

The latest news has certainly stirred up the social media sphere: the much-anticipated TikTok ban is now closer than ever. People are getting Tired of TikTok.

The popular short-form video app has faced scrutiny from regulators, advertisers, and parents over issues like privacy, safety, and content moderation. This seems like the start of a downfall, so it’s time for creators to start looking for TikTok alternatives that offer similar features and audiences without the same risks and limitations.


Here are 10 alternatives to TikTok for you to try:


1. Clash

Clash is an app that has been gaining popularity quickly. It allows creators to create and share 21 second looping videos. It allows users to create and share short videos with augmented reality (AR) effects, as well as play games with other users in real-time. What sets Clash apart from other video apps is its emphasis on inclusivity and community building. Rather than relying on a library of songs and sounds, Clash allows creators to supply their own audio and encourages them to be their authentic selves.


2. Thriller

Many celebs are using Thriller to record and edit their videos – why? This app is super user friendly, you record & the app will do the rest! You can cut, trim, draw & much more within the app. Note that Thriller is not a social media platform – but you can collaborate with other creators and from here share to other platforms. Definitely worth the try!


3. Youtube Shorts

A very well known alternative – but not less valuable. You can upload your short videos in a vertical format and spread them across Youtube’s main app & website. You can use shorts to direct people to your longer form (evergreen) videos & Youtube facilitates many ways to monetize your content such as ads & memberships.

4. Byte

Byte is a reboot of Vine, the popular video-sharing app that shut down in 2017. It offers a similar concept of six-second looping videos, but with new features like a camera tool, a discovery page, and a creator fund. It also focuses on community engagement and encourages users to interact with each other through comments, likes, and ‘rebyting’.


5. Dubsmash

Dubsmash is a video app that lets users lip-sync and dance to popular songs and sounds, so the app makes it easy to create an engaged audience. It has a diverse library of audio clips and challenges that users can use to create their own content or join others’ trends. It also has a community aspect that allows users to follow and collaborate with other creators.


6. Likee

Likee is a short video app that offers a variety of effects, filters, and stickers to enhance your videos. It has a live streaming feature that allows creators to connect with their audience and earn virtual gifts. It also has a virtual store where users can buy and sell digital goods & services – so this app is easy to monetize.


7. Funimate

Funimate has a broad range of options for creators. You can create video loops, slow-motion effects, make compilations & more. Similar to its alternative – TikTok, it does lip syncing videos and it comes with a huge library of sounds & songs. 

Similar to TikTok’s Duet – you can collab with friends and merging your videos into a single clip, using the same song. Only downside of Funimate is that more advanced features are paid.


8. Lomotif

This app offers many of the same features as TikTok, including the ability to trim videos, edit in-app, add slow-motion, and more. With a large library of music, effects, stickers, emojis, and beauty filters, Lomotif is sure to keep you entertained for hours.

One of the best parts of Lomotif is the ability to collaborate with friends and create videos together. Plus, Lomotif even has special Birthday and New Year features that can help boost your profile and increase your presence on the app during different occasions.


9. Cheez

Cheez is a video app that emphasizes creativity and community. It offers a variety of video editing tools, as well as challenges, contests, and rewards that encourage users to showcase their talent and originality. Cheez also has a social aspect that allows users to follow, comment, and collaborate with other creators.


10. KWAI

What I like about KWAI is that it rewards creators. With content ranging across multiple categories including lip-sync, blogging, beauty, comedy, prank, magic, and dance. There’s something for everyone on KWAI.

And the best part? The more followers you have, the better the rewards! But that’s not all – KWAI also regularly hosts contests and challenges for creators to participate in. Making it easy to stay up-to-date on all the latest viral trends.

But KWAI isn’t just about creating content – it’s also about sharing it with your friends and followers. With a “stories” feature similar to Instagram and Snapchat, you can share stories for up to 48 hours, giving your content the visibility it deserves.


Even though most creators feel like TikTok is just ‘the best at what it does’ (that is why it grew so exponentially over the past years).


These alternatives are worth playing around with, especially to prepare for the event of a ban.


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