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Nov 25, 2021

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Hi,June here


It all starts with your core. How are you going to identify it? What are the trigger points that can make it visible to the function of your business? Well, simple as it is, you need to brain dump. 

The existing business models dont take into account how we have shifted into a creator industry and how we now leverage social media and our audiences there as our platforms to business. 

That’s why I created a new Business Model catered to specifically Creators

This breaks down key categories to consider to easily identify how to shift into an actual business from creative passions.



You should identify your own style, and what makes you feel more like you. It then creates a pathway to success and towards what you call freedom. It’s not enough to have a great concept for a new product or service if you can’t answer certain basic questions about how to proceed. It’s scary I know, but what other ways to achieve success without stepping onto the STARTING line?

It might be tough to consider every possible effect on your thoughts and plans: how can you describe what you do, why you do it, and how you do it in a straightforward and systematic manner? It’s helpful to consider how you’re doing things now and how you could do them better in the future while planning an endeavor.

business model


What are some of the steps in developing a creative business model?

  • Choose your target segment and its pain points
  • Identify your communication, advertising, and business channel
  • Value proposition of your product/service
  • Resources to consider

Innovative business models are changing the world as we know it. There are many secret sauces as to how these businesses rate their successes. 

In my new masterclass – Business Planning for Creators, I will guide you in identifying your core value and learn the new way of connecting to audiences on social media – IN A UNIQUE TRUE FORM OF YOURSELF. All of which are tied up with your business.

That’s not it. In this 7-Step class, it will help you shift from feeling out of tune in the online world to effortless business strategy while you live your life by your own design.

Eager to join my business planning for creators masterclass? You can click here for details.

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