How To Create A Productive Lifestyle That Fulfills You

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Feb 9, 2023

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Hi,June here

You know I am all about productivity, I can’t stop talking about it and I even created a resource with my favorite 33 hacks. To me personally a productive lifestyle plays a big role in my overall happiness, but it is not everything. Being as efficient as possible can be great, and finishing your day with the idea that you have moved some mountains is even better. But productivity is just the means and not the purpose. 

We have all been there, you realize that you have done this task a million times & literally no-one could possibly do this any faster / better / more efficiently. Good for you! But is that all?

Working without a purpose or doing work that you are not passionate about can become very repetitive and unfulfilling. Therefore to create a truly productive lifestyle, you need both: productivity & passion. 

How to create a productive lifestyle?

There are many ways to become more productive. I laid out a few simple steps towards creating this lifestyle in my latest blog : How To Maximize Productivity for Your Creator Business . Most importantly just start, implementing adjustments towards a productive lifestyle.

But being ‘just’ productive, is not enough. Being productive without passion can cause a decrease in motivation & loss of sight, vision and direction. Which will eventually lead to less productivity. The absence of fulfillment will make your sense of accomplishment decrease and can eventually even lead to burn out. So it is important to celebrate your accomplishments & make sure you are feeling fulfilled.

How to make your lifestyle fulfilling at the same time?

Fulfillment can be defined in many ways. 

Fulfillment is ‘the meeting of a requirement or condition’. This might sound a bit mechanical, but this is exactly what you are doing if you set a certain task for yourself and finish it in the time you require, very productive & fulfilling, on the surface. 

A second definition: fulfillment is ‘the achievement of something desired’. So if the task you finished was for example color coding all appointments in your calendar, very productive & helpful indeed, but is this something you really desired ? I think it is safe to say that none of us dreamt of a color coded calendar as being one of the achievements ‘when we grow up’ and I love to challenge you into dreaming a bit bigger. 

Overall fulfillment can be seen as a sense of satisfaction & accomplishment that derives from achieving one’s goals AND making a positive impact. So another confirmation that it’s best to have both!

What fulfills you

  • What really makes your heart tick?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What impact have you always desired to achieve?

Write, whiteboard, draw this out for yourself & make sure (most of) your work contributes towards this. So the color coding is cool, since it will make you achieve your desire in a certain way.

Not genuinely sure what fulfills you in your business? A way to increase fulfillment in your business is to make sure that your personal goals and values are aligned with the ones of your business. When you are working on something that is aligned with your personal values you will start feeling a sense of purpose, which will lead to (more) satisfaction. 

Not having your own business? Find a job that aligns with your personal values, so you can make a positive impact on something you care about through your work. Work with purpose and say hello to the productive lifestyle that fulfills you!

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