How to Become A Paid Creator (4 ways)

How to Become A Paid Creator (4 ways)

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Nov 9, 2021

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Hi,June here


It’s a great time to be a Creator.

In social media, earning money through creating content has piqued many people’s curiosity. It is becoming more of a career and lifestyle for more people who are happy to be earning money from being creative. 

And why wouldn’t you?

If you get to continue working on your creative passion – and get paid? 

The value of creative ideas and the value of content is much higher than you might think

The production costs and the audience sharing that you put into 1 post or video can be very valuable to a business. 

Here’s 4 ways you can become a paid creator – 

paid sponsorships

1 –  Land some Brand deals or paid sponsorships.

Start reaching out to brands/businesses that you would want to take content for. 

This is the chance for you to get paid for content

Show them a portfolio – what kind of creative you can make. You can do so making content with similar products or similar style to what this business’s brand represents. 

Start having the conversations that might lead to a new opportunity

You never know what else might come from that. 

Creating digital products


(2)  Creating digital products

You have a creative skillset

That knowledge is  valuable. And that can become a digital product. 

Teach others how to do it the way YOU do it.  

Your followers can become your students.

You already know your expertise as precisely as how you manage to get this far with what you’ve chosen. 

In this case, as a vital part of society and of the industry you choose to be a part of, you can help other creators or like-minded people to pursue what they want. 


So by helping other creators also understand what to do – that is another revenue stream available.

Also don’t compare yourself to others. No one is creatively the same as you. 


You can get ideas but the execution is what you teach.

3 – GET PAID FOR exclusive content 

Get an audience

Define a niche

Maintain a great engagement rate

& you can have yourself a Paid membership. 

Make a group that you make exclusive content for that is hidden behind paywall

Eg. patreon, or your own group. Get people to pay a monthly subscription in order to access exclusive content. 

exclusive content 

4 – The ultimate next step – A Business Plan or an Action Plan. 

So it’s all fine to do any of the above. 

But if you want to truly gain that sustainable lasting Creative freedom. 

Then it’s time to consider putting together a Creative Business Plan. 

Being a Creative is a new concept of doing work in the form of creative expression. So this isnt really something they teach you normally. 

It is like your own GPS steering inside your business bubble, with the goal of being PAID for your creations! 


Now it’s not that easy to follow the older outdated business models that don’t consider the new ways social media works. These exercises don’t really take into account that your form of work ( service/product) is one where you dont have to solve a problem, you just evoke a feeling.

So with that said, I have created a Masterclass. One specifically made for Creators – If you are interested in that make sure that you sign up to my newsletters its coming out in 2 weeks! 

But in the meantime, just keep creating. 

Sharing your art, making as much time as you can for it 🙂 


Make a possible tutorial with the intention of giving away part of your expertise;

b.  Highly engaging content that it can create a one-second-double-tap and additional traffic; and

c.  Sufficient number of followers 

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