Reasons why you should optimize your online presence


The obvious one is to gain more visibility online, but what we forget is that we should let digital assets do the work

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Presence Optimization Kit: How To Install Facebook Pixel

Facebook Marketing

The Facebook pixel is a tool that helps you understand a consumer’s activities on your website, and further utilize those activities on Facebook platform to measure the effectiveness of your advertising, optimize your ad delivery, and define your own targeting audience. What You Can Do with the Facebook Pixel? Track conversions on your Facebook ads. When someone […]



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Created by nopixelfrom the Noun Project

Yes! Finally! You heard that right folks. The old, vague, and confusing Relevant Score for ads in Facebook is finally being replaced. It seems like Facebook is getting good at listening from the people that make them  ̶m̶o̶n̶e̶y̶ grow. Relevant Score seems good at first. But as you use it more often, you realize it’s […]

Created by nopixelfrom the Noun Project