Reasons why you should optimize your online presence


The obvious one is to gain more visibility online, but what we forget is that we should let digital assets do the work

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4 Creative Biz Model

Business Planning for Creators

It all starts with your core. How are you going to identify it? What are the trigger points that can make it visible to the function of your business? Well, simple as it is, you need to brain dump.  The existing business models dont take into account how we have shifted into a creator industry […]



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First, let me tell a Story about You and Me You can skip this intro if you don’t really like intros that much! (Just joking, plz read it) Let’s admit it, whenever we’re taking a picture of ourselves, we always want it to look at its best. So we always find the best angle, the […]

Created by nopixelfrom the Noun Project