Reasons why you should optimize your online presence


The obvious one is to gain more visibility online, but what we forget is that we should let digital assets do the work

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Content Pillars
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Presence Optimization Kit: How To Define Your Content Pillars


Defining Your Content Pillars With everything happening around social media nowadays, it’s only natural to be overwhelmed by the plethora of content you can have at your disposal. Analysis paralysis gets the best of you – leading to creative block and inconsistency. Not only this, but the quality of what you produce might take a […]



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Adobe Portfolio

Having an online gallery is one of the best ways to showcase your creativeness to the world however, the biggest challenge we face is it can be time-consuming. Good thing, there’s an efficient way to collect photos, edit them, then publish it online. If you’re an Adobe Cloud subscriber, there’s a perfect platform for you. […]

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  The end goal of every Creators is to have monetized assets whether it’s in their Youtube Channel, Instagram profile, or a blog. The biggest question is HOW? Amazon gives creators a chance to earn through their Affiliate Program also called “Amazon Associates.” It is very easy to be affiliated with Amazon. All you have […]

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  Since you are reading this, I assume that your Ad account has been hacked (I hope I’m wrong though). Do not worry. We can figure this out together.  It’s happened to me before – and I’ve had more than $3000 refunded. We need to sort this out. It’s not unheard of for business managers […]

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  As Apple announced the new iOS 14 Update, the internet received mixed emotions from its users and brands. While Apple users enjoyed the new features of iOS 14 (including me), many advertisers and brands such as Facebook (and even me…again haha) are apprehensive in one of its features that prohibits a certain data collection […]

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  The heated battle between Instagram Reels & Tiktok continues… Tiktok is still slaying with 100 million monthly active users. The platform has so many features that every user and brand loves, especially the challenges. One of the most favorite core features on Tiktok is the “Duet” wherein it allows users to have a side-by-side […]

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